IN GOD WE TRUST

                                                                                                                      IN GOD WE TRUST

Welcome to my website where 'Frank' is as frank as it gets. I blog on a variety of subjects, from politics to religion, current events and some personal experiences. If you would like to comment on an article, click the “Comments” button at the bottom of each page. So, without further ado... 

As an American combat veteran, a patriotic American citizen and a Christian; I am heartbroken and afraid of what America has become, and the direction and course our nation is taking. We are treading a path to certain national destruction; promoting, celebrating and passing legislation calling ‘evil good’ and ‘good evil’, and the depths of depravity we have sunk into. Soon Christianity will be labeled as "hate speech", a “hate organization” and a “terrorist group”. Does anyone see the ‘handwriting on the wall’ coming about?

To quote the great evangelical preacher Billy Graham, “if God doesn’t judge America soon, He owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

I believe the only thing possibly holding back the wrath of national judgment from God, is our 'spotty' historical support and friendship with the nation of Israel. Now the United States continues to try and divide the tiny nation of Israel into a two state, Palestinian solution. That’s a ‘no no’, as God coveted that land to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their descendants forever and ever. 

Let me ask, who hasn’t noticed; the numerous freedoms we are losing here in America, our massive ‘trillions’ in debt and climbing that is not possible to ever repay, escalating terrorism worldwide and in America, bald-faced outright lies by our politicians, increasing lawlessness and riots, our prisons beyond capacity, the loss of natural affection, hate, the fable of human caused global warming, deceptions and cover ups, posturing of nations for war, rumors of war, an increase in frequency and magnitude of natural disasters, the percentage of the population on the government teet, to name a few?

As a boy and growing up, I couldn’t have imagined the downward spiral our peoples and nation would take. in the last half decade, our country has turned into a national disgrace, morally and financially. "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you" - Frank Opinion

A Muslim apologist president whom speaking in a Muslim nation on global television announcing, “America is no longer a Christian nation.” Since when and what’s this all about? A one world government and religious system is just around the corner and no one is noticing or speaking out. We are possibly just one emergency or disaster away from national collapse. The you're going to see what "control out of chaos' is all about.

We have a President and Congress inviting thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees onto American soil, so the potential terrorist threat has just dramatically increased. It's a historical undisputed fact; Muslim’s do not assimilate to other countries and cultures, they demand Sharia Law and we adapt to their religion, Americans are infidels and our nation is referred to as "the Great Satan". Just take a quick look around at Europe and all the other nations Muslims invaded, all the problems they have caused.

This so called refugee ‘humanitarianism’ is amounting to national suicide, mark my words. When it does, and it will, whom will be held accountable? No one! You can read the facts and my views on the Islamic threat at; Islam, the Religion of Pieces, if you so desire.

The government is more interested in dismantling our military, spying on patriotic law abiding American citizens and Christians, than securing our borders and keeping America safe (their number one Constitutional mandate). The majority of politicians are in office not to serve their American constituents, but to enrich themselves with money and power and establish themselves as elites, and incorporate their personal liberal agenda’s. The vote goes to whoever offers the most bread and circuses (welfare and entitlements).

Does anyone have the feeling of dread and despair of what is coming upon the earth and America? I surely do! According to Biblical prophecy, things are going to get worse, much, much worse. Watching and listening to events and rhetoric that is rapidly developing around the globe, the world and America is falling apart at the seams, and headed for some severe confrontations. Tomorrow will not be like yesterday and yesterday will not be like tomorrow.

World leaders, our very own government, the elite and the Holy See are doing their very best to usher in a global one world system in case you haven’t noticed. The American middle class has all but been destroyed. There has never been such a disparity between the wealthy and poor, liberals and conservatives and ideologies in the history of America. It's forcefully being boiled down to, the us versus them mentality.

It’s self evident the Democrats and liberals (Republicans are not much better) want to create a dependant class, and enslave certain segments of our society for political gain. Government takes from the productive worker and transfers that wealth, by force of law, to those that did not earn it, nor deserve it, for votes. This wealth transfer greatly diminishes the ability to provide for one’s self and family, and takes away the incentive to work to make a living. Not to mention all the political advantages associated with controlling blocks of voters.

Think about the ‘hidden tax’ of inflation, and the inevitable result of hyperinflation like Argentina and what post WWI Germany experienced, that must occur in America in the near future. Does anyone realize the cause of inflation, making the dollar you earn by working less and less valuable? Said another way, it's constant pay decreases. An interesting fact most are not aware of; wealth is not created or destroyed, it's simply transferred. Think about that for a moment and its implications.

The Ponzi banking schemes creating money out of thin air that never existed before, until it was created. Then loaning out that fictitious money that came out of nowhere, and charging hefty interest rates and penalties on it. It’s a Federal crime if we do what the Federal Reserve is doing.

Who originally had the power to coin money? Check your personal copy of the Constitution of the United States to see who had that power, and see whom it was illegally relegated to, the Federal Reserve. Congress has abdicated its responsibility and doesn’t care. Now we have by Executive Order, presidents establishing legislation on a whim and the SCOTUS doing likewise! There is no more separation of powers, it’s one BIG master, to control and enslave its very own citizens.

It’s an interesting study on the first ever ‘supposedly’ elected Jesuit, Pope Francis. No one can deny he is communist / socialist to the core, pushing his agenda on America and the world to level out the playing field, between rich nations and poor ones (that means you personally). You may be interested in checking out the St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes. This 700 year old prophecy has been scary accurate up to this point in history and may point to the soon arrival of the False Prophet of Revelation?

Pope’s are assumed to remain in office until death, regardless of health issues. No Pope has resigned his position in the last 400 years, that is until the previous Pope. That’s another interesting study in itself as to ‘why’ the resignation. The evidence indicates the resignation was forced, and could this be connected to end-time events maybe?

We are not a rich nation, anyone who claims that is and idiot, we are insolvent and bankrupt. Our personal and public debts exceed everything America owns, including all our land, even if we sold everything in America, we would still be greatly in debt. Do a little digging and see who actually owns the majority of our debt and mortgages. What happens when we renege on our interest and debt payments, or countries are no longer interested in purchasing our paper debt bonds? What happens when the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency? The universe and creation didn’t start with a ‘Big Bang’, but you’re going to hear that ‘big bang’ when the balloon pops, and this propped up house of cards come a tumblin down!

We are a debt based economy, meaning our growth and production is measured in personal and government debt. We have to continue to escalate our borrowing, spending and consuming to grow, or we will stagnate. Can you believe that, it’s totally ridiculous! Today's adequate individual savings accounts are about as rare as 'hens teeth', I know, as I own a bunch of chicken hens.

The government does not produce one barrel of oil or one bushel of wheat. It's income derives from excessive taxation, borrowing and printing fiat money out of thin air so it becomes worth-less.  

To add insult to injury, I haven’t even mentioned the unfunded ‘tens of trillions’ in future entitlement programs for Social Security, Medicare, free cell phones, free college educations and the entitlement mooches. Last call folks, the party is winding down on this once great nation and its people.

Finally the good news and hope! As Christians accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we are secure in the knowledge of His promises to keep us no matter what. This physical life is just a blink of the eye compared to all of eternity with Him. We know from God’s infallible inerrant Word, the Bible, what is coming upon the world in advance and can discern the times we live in.

Are YOU saved?